Setting up our study programmes

The KCE has developed well-codified procedures for the rational and objective establishment of its two parallel study programmes: the annual study programme for classical KCE reports and the clinical trial programme KCE Trials.

A third type of programme was launched in 2020 and will be developed in the coming years: the “Right to be Forgotten” programme. 

For the KCE studies annual programme

Each year, before summer, KCE launches a call for study proposals for the work programme of the following year. Any citizen, organisation, institution or policy maker can submit a study proposal.

Proposals can be submitted between July and September. The work programme is then composed, based upon the following criteria:

  • The potential of the proposed subject to improve health care decisions
  • The frequency of the health problem
  • The severity of the health problem
  • The potential to improve the health problem
  • The feasibility of the study

Each criterion is individually analysed by members of management and a dozen KCE experts. The results are discussed by all the evaluators and the rejections are systematically justified according to the criteria. At the end of this procedure, KCE’s research capabilities are taken into account. In order for this evaluation process to proceed as neutrally as possible, all proposals are anonymised. Each applicant is informed individually of the reasoned decision of the KCE. However, if a proposal is withheld, this does not mean that the submitter may carry out the study himself/herself. The KCE will do this itself, or outsource parts of it, after an open tender procedure .

If you wish to be kept informed on our calls for projects, please register on the website via ‘receive news‘.

For the clinical trials programme (KCE Trials)

The KCE Trials programme also solicits input from clinicians, patients, and others for its clinical trial topics. But in contrast to KCE’s annual study program, the KCE Trials program has no fixed schedule for its calls. You can ask to be kept informed of calls and other information from KCE Trials by subscribing via the following link.

There are three types of calls for study proposals:

  • Within the ‘investigator led workstream‘: the study subjects are proposed by the researchers themselves (and their institution will also take the role of study sponsor);
  • Within the ‘commissioned work stream‘:  the study subjects are proposed by the KCE, or by the NIDHI, the Federal Public Health administration, the Minister(s) of Health, or by members of the Priority Group of the KCE Trials programme. Interested research teams may apply to conduct them;
  • Within the ‘international workstream‘ : they offer Belgian teams different possibilities to collaborate in international trials. The topics are proposed by the team that will take on the role of coordination centre for Belgium.

You may find more information about the call for clinical trials here.