Participation in working groups

  • Participation in the Risk Assessment Group (RAG)

The KCE has been participating in the Risk Assessment Group (RAG) since September 2020. This body is coordinated by the public health institute Sciensano. Its mission is to assess risks and analyse the impact of the measures taken. It is not normally made up of permanent experts and its composition varies according to the issues to be addressed. As Sciensano wants to be able to contact experts rapidly, depending on the specific subjects dealt with by the RAG, three KCE experts have been invited to participate in the meetings on a regular basis. This contribution will be permanent for the time needed to contain the pandemic. 

  • Participation in an ad hoc working group on a vaccination strategy against Covid-19 (request from the Risk Management Group – May 2020)

The objective of this working group (which is part of the Vaccination Group of the Health Council) was to give an opinion on the vaccination strategy to be adopted against COVID-19 in Belgium, and more specifically to provide political decision-makers with specific recommendations on risk and priority groups, as well as an estimate of the number of doses of vaccine to be provided when a vaccine against COVID-19 would become available. This work was requested by the chairman of the Risk Management Group (RMG). The report “Vaccination strategy against COVID-19 in Belgium”, sent to the Belgian authorities on  July 3rd 2020, is available via this link.  

  • Participation in the Covid-19 Vaccination Task Force (request from the Covid Commission)

A working group on the implementation of the vaccination strategy against Covid-19 was set up in November 2020. It includes scientists and representatives of the authorities, crisis managers and representatives of the professional organisations concerned. Its mission is to coordinate the vaccination programme against Covid-19. KCE contributes to this mission through the secondment of three experts, two of whom are full-time. One is a member of the core committee and the other is in charge of coordinating communication at the national level.