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KCE Team

Our team

The healthcare domain is very complex. There is no scientific training that comprises all its numerous aspects. That is why at KCE we have opted for a truly cross-disciplinary approach. No research is conducted by a single researcher; on the contrary, each research question is examined from a medical, economic, social, legal and/or ethical perspective, depending on the needs. This is highly appreciated, both by the users of the studies and by the researchers themselves.

The experts

The KCE experts can be divided into five different categories:

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  • Researchers with a clinical or biomedical background – physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, dentists, psychologists – all who have acquired complementary skills (usually a PhD) in subjects such as public health, epidemiology, methodology for the development of guidelines, analysis and data management, etc.
  • Researchers with a background as health economist. Thanks to their expertise, we are able to conduct very thorough economic assessments, including Health Technology Assessments (HTA). Their contribution is also essential for our studies on the organisation and financing of health care, an area for which KCE is increasingly solicited.
  • Researchers with a background in human sciences. Some of them conduct qualitative studies: they collect data from field experts, patients, stakeholders, etc.) and ensure their rigorous processing. Others allow us to discuss the possible legal or ethical aspects of the varied research questions.
  • Data analysts, statisticians and specialists in scientific information. They extract from international and Belgian data the pertinent information and figures for our research. They also scrupulously ensure that while using the sometimes very sensitive data, the privacy legislation is respected, that all useful information is identified and that the figures are interpreted correctly. In this way we can collect very precise statistics.
  • Specialists in dissemination and knowledge management. The first adapt the language of our reports to the different target groups and ensures that the message reaches the appropriate audience. Thanks to the second group, all our experts can maintain and develop their expertise, and the quality of our work is guaranteed thanks to meticulous work procedures.

Some of these experts were or are still academically or clinically active (which enhances their understanding of the field), others have committed themselves to full-time research at KCE.

Performant support services

The researchers are supported by sharp and efficient support services (project coordination, ICT, webmaster, library, layout, secretariat, legal advice and human resources management, accountancy, etc.).

The management

The KCE functions in a very horizontal organisation on a human scale where working procedures are well organised and decisions are efficiently taken after deliberation.

The management is composed of 4 people:

  • a managing director a.i. Marijke Eyssen
  • a deputy general manager a.i. Christophe Janssens
  • two scientific programme managers a.i.: Irina Cleemput and Sabine Stordeur (detached to the Task Force Vaccination covid-19 since 12/2020)

Together they form a united and enthusiastic team of 70 people, motivated by the same goal: to provide the studies needed to maintain or improve an effective, safe, quality, accessible and sustainable health care system.

Active staff members as of 31 December 2020


Situation at 31/12/2020     Expressed in
full-time equivalents
President 0,2
Management 3,8
General Management 1,0
Studies Management 1,0
Programme Management 1,8
Studies 44,7
Physicians, dentists, nurses, physiotherapists,… 25,2
Health economists 6,4
Sociologists, lawyers 3,6
Data analysts, statisticians and specialists in scientific information 6,6
Project facilitator 1,6
Experts in dissemination and knowledge management  2,9
Support 14,4
Secretariat and lay-out 6,3
ICT, website and library 1,0
Legal advice and Human Resources Management 3,5
Budget and accountancy 2,0
Total 63,1