The KCE is involved in several European projects such as:

  • PREFER is an initiative of IMI (Innovative Medicines Initiative). It is a project that aims to develop a method to take into account the views and preferences of patients in the development of new medicines and reimbursement policies. The project brings together academia and the biopharmaceutical industry, but also patient organisations, HTA agencies (including the KCE), regulators and payers, and small and medium-sized enterprises. The KCE chairs the HTA&Payers Advisory Group and the communication with HTA agencies. It also participates in all working groups and co-chairs the working group on recommendations.
  • PERMIT (PERsonalised MedicIne Trials), a project that aims to establish methodological standards for clinical trials in personalised medicine. It was launched in January 2020 under the European research and innovation programme H2020. The consortium includes pan-European research structures (ECRIN, EATRIS, ELIXIR-LU/UNILU), research funders (DLR), HTA agencies (KCE, ISCIII), patient representatives (ETH), competent authorities (ISS) and data protection researchers (TMF).
  • EU-RESPONSE, a research and preparedness network for pandemics and emerging infectious diseases. It is a 5-year multinational project, coordinated by INSERM (France) and also funded by the European Research and Innovation Programme H2020, to design an adaptive European platform for clinical trials on COVID-19 and other emerging infectious diseases (SolidAct Trial). Hospitals from all over Europe may be involved. A KCE researcher is part of the independent scientific and ethical advisory board set up to advise on the structure of the platform, “EU-SolidAct”, and on which drugs should be studied first.