Annual Report 2018

Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre
Who are we?

The KCE (Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre) is an independent federal research centre that provides recommendations to competent authorities and various health care stakeholders based on scientific analysis. These analyses focus on the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of health interventions, and the organisation, financing and reimbursement of health care. KCE also develops clinical practice guidelines for healthcare providers. Topics are usually proposed by public authorities, universities, professional associations but any citizen, patient or patient organisation can also submit a research proposal. The KCE is not involved in the political choices based on the reports it publishes. However, it may be required to intervene in implementation phases when its technical skills are an essential added value. KCE is a type B parastatal organisation. This status guarantees total independence from the subsidiary powers, who essentially are the federal authorities (NIHDI for 75% and FPS Health and Social Security, together for 25%). In addition, some specific European subsidies cover KCE’s involvement in international research networks and projects.

What does KCE stand for?
The Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre has chosen the acronym KCE, which is a contraction of the words Kenniscentrum (Dutch) – Centre d’Expertise (French)
What do we do?

The KCE mission encompasses five areas of expertise:

  • Organisation and financing of health care in the broadest sense – Health Services Research
  • Evaluation of medical technologies – Health Technology Assessment
  • The production of clinical practice guidelines and their constant adaptation to new scientific developments – Good Clinical Practice
  • Setting up and coordination of the Belgian non-commercial clinical research programme – KCE Trials programme
  • Creation of accurate methodological manuals to establish validated working methods for all health care and public health researchers – Methods

In 2018, KCE published 13 reports.

Our Values

We are:







to achieve a healthcare that is



Of high quality




Patient centered





The Key Figures

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Our Board of Directors
Our Board of Directors (hereinafter, the “Board”), consists of representatives of the public authorities and the most important actors in healthcare, health insurance and patient associations, in a balanced composition. At each Board meeting our new finalised reports are presented. The scientific content is in principle not subject to modification, except on the basis of quantifiable methodological arguments. The political recommendations, based upon the scientific work, are then discussed, sometimes nuanced,  but only on the basis of scientific arguments from the report. When voting turns out to be necessary, the reports are approved by a simple majority.  Finally, KCE is legally obliged to publish all of its results within one month of their approval by the Board, which is an additional guarantee for our independency and transparency.
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